Epic is the first release from Drab Habit, a solo project by London-based multi-instrumentalist, David Qadir. “I’m currently involved in a separate singer/songwriter partnership” says Qadir, the first release from which will hopefully be appearing in late 2017. “But I've had a back-catalogue of instrumental compositions that I've wanted to release for quite some time now".

“I’ve always been a guitarist first and foremost” says Qadir. “My teenage influences were largely from the Seattle grunge scene: Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, Stone Temple Pilots, among others”. But, with age and through involvement in a variety of different projects, not only did Qadir’s tastes broaden, but he became increasingly interested in the production side of things. “When you consider the technology that is available today, even on a limited budget, you start thinking beyond traditional instruments like guitars and consider the full possibilities of modern sound production techniques.”

Epic is the culmination of early explorations into creating different musical soundscapes, each with its own unique signature. "I have a wide range of musical influences and I think that's reflected on Epic”. While each track may be considered a soundtrack of sorts, each has its own distinctive feel. The title track owes a lot to the work of John Murphy, who’s done a lot of the soundtracks to Danny Boyle movies. Hiding In Plain Sight, on the other hand, is much more of a classic rock number, with hints of Pink Floyd, Cream and maybe a little Dire Straits.

With a full album release already in the pipeline, can we expect more of the same in the near future? “I think any kind of artist – at the risk of sounding extremely clichéd – is always attempting something new. Every record I do, I like to try something I’ve never done before. Otherwise, your listeners struggle to differentiate one release from the next and you begin to sound one-dimensional very quickly. I’m constantly learning new music production techniques – there’s so much that can be done with modern technology – I think the possibilities are literally endless.”​

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"Music is the moonlight in the gloomy night of life"

Drab Habit

"There’s something beautiful and heroic about the violin, especially when heard in a track like Epic. It softens the almost ominous bassline and stabbing guitar riffs, with the echoed rim-shots giving this gesture a cinematic feel. It surely lives up to its title." - Mariana Dias, Too Much Love.