Drab Habit is a Dublin-born, London-based human male and/or musician. His compositions span alternative post-rock, psychadelic rock and electronica. He is also one half of alternative folk duo, Ah, Lucidity.

A self-taught guitarist first and foremost, Drab Habit’s early musical interest was firmly rooted in the Seattle grunge scene, with a sprinkling of 60s & 70s classic rock: Pearl Jam, Soundgarden & Stone Temple Pilots meets Hendrix & Led Zep. But, with age and through involvement in a variety of different projects, tastes broadened and he became increasingly interested in more diverse recording and production techniques.

The first forays into self-production were heavily guitar-based arrangements, recorded on a trusty Boss BR900 8-track recorder, with which he still refuses to part. Nowadays, while a Gibson Les Paul and an Epiphone Sheraton II still take pride of place in his home studio, synths, brass and strings play a more prominent role in many of his compositions.





"There's something beautiful and heroic about the violin, especially when heard in a track like 'Epic' ... It surely lives up to its title."

Too Much Love

"Glow is a beautiful instrumental track from Drab Habit ... we implore you to take a listen."

York Calling

"A track that samples the voice of Carl Sagan and is called Cosmos will naturally be a cosmic electronic trip..."

Synths of Eden

"'For Those with Stereo...' creates a musical space that is atmospheric, with clean guitars, deeply groovin’ bass and a solid funk beat ... Solid sounds and songwriting create a track to just kick back to and enjoy."